Breeding Bettas

This blog is about breeding one of the finest fish in the world called Betta splendens. I will blog all my ups and downs in here so stay tuned! :-)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Empty bubble nest and a new pair of Bettas

I came home from work today just to find an empty nest (dad probably ate them) :-( well I said to my self I can try again. After a few minutes I went back to feed the male and ... I noticed 2 white spots on the aquarium wall ... they looked like Cyclops but not totaly ... I looked better and even took my macro lens out and :-) I had a few Betta fry free swimming ... well free clinging to the wall.
The male actualy would ocasionaly take them into his mouth just to spit them out again. He kind of brings them closer to the surface (to breath maybe).
Since this tank has sand bottom it is impossible to see how many fry are in there but I recon not many. I saw 7 at one time (on walls). They seem to be eating something on the walls. I fed them today with 7 drops of Liquifry1 premixed in a bit of water then poored in the tank (spreads better).

I set-up a new plastic 12 litres aquarium today with a new pair (male Blue Half Moon and female Cambogian Red Crowntail). The female is inside the floating tank so he can't get to her (just yet). Let them feel each other first.


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